Land Rover Freelander TD4 2006

I purchased this car as a none runner, the engine had failed, it has been a bit of a project but I am hoping that the hard work will pay off and it now will give a lot of reliable service. Fingers crossed!


2000-2009 (2006)

50,000 - 99,999 (99500)



RHD (Right Hand Drive)


2.0L - 2.4L (2000)



4 x 4





My project Freelander 1 TD4 Auto...

I found this car on Facebook marketplace listed as spares or repair. It was sold as a non runner as the inlet manifold had been removed and the glow plug for number 2 cylinder had snapped. When I got it home however, I quickly realised that there were further, far more serious issues and it was more than just a case of carefully removing a snapped glow plug from the cylinder head.

The engine would not turnover and would require replacement. Fortunately I had only really purchased the car for the relatively low mileage automatic transmission so this news was not too upsetting. I also had a 2005 Freelander with a great engine but an automatic transmission that had started to judder heavily when under load. So the plan was set, the good engine would be removed from the donor car and fitted into this much lower mileage car with the good automatic transmission.

After a few hundred miles of testing to ensure all was well, I went ahead with a full service including the all important engine breather upgrade. This part was £75 + postage so I didn’t want to pay for it until I had a good level of faith in the rest of the car!

The upgraded crankcase breather is only available from BMW as it was not shared with Rover/Land Rover. This is a 'cyclone' type filter and replaces the old replaceable cartridge type filter design. This part is not available from Land Rover dealers. As the engine is the M47 BMW version I was able to source the later part from a BMW main dealer. 

this is quick and easy to fit, I would strongly recommend this upgrade as it can potentially save the engine from turbocharger failure.

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