Eric - 1974 Pontiac Trans-Am

7.5 litre V8... if you ask me the mpg then I know you're not a petrol head!

It was love at first sight... surprising when I didn't want a left hand drive or rear wheel drive car! But my brother had known the car for 10 years as he had been trying that long to buy it for himself. The owners wouldn't sell it but 2 weeks after my brother bought his Mustang they told him they would finally sell it... 

Que: Me. 

Eric was imported new into London in 1974 so he has spent his whole life in the UK. He has spent most of that stood in garages and even 9 years in a barn in Wales. I'm his 5th owner and he has 43k original miles on the clock. 

Eric boasts the 7.5l V8 with 3 speed auto gearbox. He has a limited slip diff, air-con, electric windows and won't start unless you are wearing your seat belt... normal everyday stuff I hear you say - but don't forget he's over 40 years old and tax exempt!

Eric finally got his first MOT in 10 years during  winter 2016 and made his debut at the Restoration & Classic Car Show at the NEC the following spring. He still goes to the occasional car show but has a repair and restoration list almost as long as his bonnet.

And for the non-petrol heads, he does 10mpg.

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21 July 2017 at 5:57 AM

Glad to see he's found a great home, he looks very happy!

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