109" Series 3 Landrover

This started out as a 6-cylinder standard but at some point has been converted to run on an old rover v8

This is a 1972 Series 3 109" wheelbase land rover. 

It started out as a 6 cylinder vehicle but was converted to run on an old rover V8, at some point before I acquired it.

The bodywork used to be grey with a matt black bonnet. I resprayed it about ten years ago to the green colour you can now see.

I also replaced the standard suspension from leaf springs to a set of parabolics from Chris Perfect.

Fuel pump has been semi-restored and was re-fitted over the weekend of 15th July. You can see a video of it being driven round the field while I try to free the ceased clutch off whilst avoid hitting the cows, both of which worked thankfully!

Currently this is garaged in the barn, but I'm considering getting it MOT'd and back on the road...

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Hi, I am keen to know more about the V8 engine installed in this, can you give more detail on the specifications? Did you do the conversion? Would you recommend this upgrade Thanks

Suggested by Chris_Davies on 04 August 2020 at 8:13 AM

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